Standard Sale of Goods and Services Terms and
Conditions for G 24/7 Services Pty Ltd (Company)
ACN 627 374 832 a business registered in the State
of New South Wales.

1. Governing Law

1.1. These terms and conditions shall be
governed by, and construed in accordance
with, the laws of the State of New South
2. Incorporation
These terms and conditions govern every
agreement for the sale of goods and/or the
provision of services by the Company to the
No modification to these terms shall bind the
Company unless agreed to in writing by the
Terms of Payment
Payment by the Customer for goods and
services supplied must be paid in advance of
services rendered unless otherwise agree in
writing by the Company.
Payment may be by way of debt card (single
payment or direct debit), credit card or
A ten dollar ($10) dishonour fee will be
charge for every failed transaction.
The Company reserves the right to vary its
fees and charges in this agreement from
time to time at its sole discretion and shall
provide one (1) month’s written notice of any
such change.
Term of Agreement
4.1. The term of this Agreement is twelve (12)
months unless otherwise agreed in writing by
the Company.
Default and Consequences of Payment
5.1. Interest on overdue invoices shall accrue
daily from the date when payment becomes
due at a rate of six percent (6%) per month.
5.2. If the Customer defaults in payment of any
invoice when due, the Customer shall
indemnify the Company from and against all
costs and disbursements incurred by the
Company in pursuing the debt, including
legal costs and any Collection Agency costs.
The Company may suspend or terminate the
supply of goods and/or services to the
Customer should the Customer default at
any time under this Agreement.
5.4. The Company shall be entitled to cancel all
or any part of any order of the Customer,
which remains unperformed and all amounts
owing to the Company shall, whether or not
due for payment, become immediately
6. Quotations and Prices
6.1. All quotes will remain valid for a period of
one (1) month from the date of issue.
The Customer acknowledges that any quote
is based on information from the Customer.
It is the responsibility of the Customer to
review and confirm that the quote meets its
6.3. All changes to the scope of works by the
Customer shall vary the quotation price.
6.4. All quoted prices are in Australian Dollars
exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.
Supply and Installation
7.1. Times quoted for the supply and/or
installation are estimates only and the
Company accepts no liability for failure or
delay in the supply and/or installation of the
goods. The Customer is not relieved of any
obligation to accept or pay for goods by
reason of any delay in supply and/or
7.2. As soon as practicable after entry into this
agreement, the Customer shall supply the
Company with all information required to
source and/or manufacture the goods and to
provide the services.
Risk in the goods passes to the Customer on
8. Testing
The costs of any tests to be performed on
the goods after installation shall be borne by
the Customer unless otherwise agreed to in
writing by the Company.
Cancellation of Orders
The Customer may not alter or cancel an
order without the Company’s prior written
consent. If the Company agrees to alter or
cancel the order, the Customer will indemnify
the Company against any reasonable loss,
damage and expense incurred by the
Company in relation to the alteration or
cancellation of that order.
Return of Goods
may not be returned except with
written consent from the Company. When
Sale of Goods and Services Terms and Conditions
goods are so returned all monies payable to
the Company will remain due and payable,
subject to discount, reimbursement or other
conditions as stated in the written consent.
Licences and Permits
11.1. The Company warrants that it has all
licences and permits under any relevant
statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations
necessary for the supply of the goods and/or
Warranty and Claims
Certain legislation may imply warranties,
terms or conditions that cannot be excluded,
restricted or modified. If those statutory
provisions apply, to the extent to which the
Company is entitled to do so, its liability is
limited at its option to:
a. the replacement or resupply of the
goods; or
b. the repair of the goods; or
c. the payment of the cost of replacement
of the goods; or
d. the payment of the cost of the repair of
the goods.
The Customer expressly acknowledges and
agrees that it has not relied upon and the
Company is not liable for any advice given
by the Company, its agents or employees in
relation to the suitability for any purpose of
goods or materials supplied by the
The Customer acknowledges that to the
extent the Company has made any
representation which is not otherwise
expressly stated in these terms and
conditions, the Customer has been provided
with an opportunity to independently verify
the accuracy of that representation.
Security Services
The Customer authorises the Company to
enter the premises to provide security
services and/or security alarm installation
and/or maintenance services during the term
of the agreement.
The Company will make all reasonable
efforts to contact the Customer in the event
of an emergency or any other such
circumstance as provided for in this
In the event that the Company attends an
incident at a vacant location and/or
premises, the Company shall provide a static
guard free of charge for the first fifteen (15)
minutes and forty ($40.00) per hour for every
hour thereafter until the Customer advises
13.3 The Company is in no way liable or
responsible for any loss, damage or
destruction to the Customer’s real or
personal property howsoever arising from
the goods and/or services provided.
14. Collection Services
14.1. The Company provides a funds collection
service. The maximum transaction limit on
this service is fifty thousand dollars
(AU$50,000) in any twenty four (24) hour
period. Prices for any collection service will
be determined at the time of the Customer’s
14.2. The Company is in no way liable or
responsible for any loss or damage cause by
delay as a result of circumstances that are
unavoidable or beyond the control of the
Monitoring and Reporting
15.1. The Company will only provide access to
monitoring reports upon request from the
16. Retention of Title
All equipment supplied and installed by the
Company remains the property of the
Company until all monies outstanding to the
Company in connection with these terms and
conditions have been paid.
It is the intention of the Company and
agreed to by the Customer that ownership of
materials & goods shall not pass until the
Customer has met all other obligations due
by the Customer to the Company in respect
of all agreements between the Company and
the Customer.
It is further agreed that:
a. until such time as ownership of the
materials and/or goods shall pass from
the Company to the Customer, the
Company may give notice in writing to
the Customer to return the materials
and/or goods to the Company. Upon
such notice, the rights of the Customer to
obtain ownership or any other interest in
the materials and/or goods shall cease;
b. The Company shall have the right of
stopping the materials and/or goods in
transit whether or not delivery has been